Become a Fan of Facebook

Although Facebook started as college networking site, it has become an important business tool with the potential to reach a gigantic audience. Just how big is Facebook’s reach? According to new statistics, the social media site has 325 million users—and that number is growing at a staggering rate.

Facebook is gaining nearly 25 million users each month. That’s like adding the entire population of New Orleans every single day. With such market saturation, there is no doubt your current and potential clients are already using Facebook. And you should be too. A business fan page allows for free advertising, generates buzz when fans promote your business to their friends, and provides a forum for customer feedback.

If your dealership isn’t yet on Facebook, now is the time to get started. Dealer Impact can do the work for you with The Factor x10, a social network marketing program that’s available as a stand-alone application for any web site. With The Factor x10, you can:

• Display inventory using photo slideshows and embedded videos

• Deliver content via plug-in RSS feeds

• Boost your website’s search engine optimization

• Capture leads that you can turn into sales

Learn more about The Factor x10 on our web site or by calling a sales representative at 877-334-9638.

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