Recession-Proof Advertising

The weak economy has dealerships making difficult decisions about spending. While it may sound sensible to cut the marketing budget, advertising is actually more crucial when times are tough.

Down-market advertising is useful in generating new business. Equally important, however, is its affect on public perception. Not advertising during a recession can signal to consumers that your business is struggling, according to a recent Ad-ology Research study. If they don’t trust you’ll be in business a year from now, they’re less likely to buy.

Marketing your business is also the only way to stand apart from the competition. People are willing to drive up to an hour to find a car, which greatly expands the marketplace. And even if you are the only car lot for hours, consumers now have plenty of choices thanks to the Internet.

Before slashing your advertising dollars, discover how Dealer Impact can help you stand out from the crowd with our range of affordable advertising options. Learn more by calling a sales rep at 877-334-9638.

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