Less is More

When it comes to cars, buyers want all the bells and whistles. When it comes to websites, however, less is more. Unfortunately, many dealerships pack their pages with too much stuff and too little substance.

The most effective dealer sites focus on the two elements customers say are most important—inventory and specials. Sites that add too much more can look cluttered, causing viewers to lose concentration and go elsewhere.

Ready to see if your site makes the grade? Try this challenge: Look at it from a customer’s point of view. What is the first thing you see? Is it easy to navigate from one page to the next? Can you quickly locate inventory and specials? Are there places for your eye to rest? If you find it difficult to evaluate your site objectively, ask a focus group of actual customers to answer these questions for you.

Use yourself or customer evaluation to clean up your site with an eye toward simplification. Then, stop tinkering. After all, your job isn’t web design; your job is converting web traffic into real sales.

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