Celebrating 10 Years in Business

Long before many car dealerships had even heard of the World Wide Web, Dealer Impact was building web sites for businesses. We opened our doors in 1999, working at wobbly card tables and relying on slow-as-snails dial-up Internet service.

Despite the humble surroundings, Dealer Impact created the auto industry’s first tool for publishing inventory online. This innovative technology allowed dealerships to put photos and complete vehicle information online, without knowledge of complicated coding.

Today, we offer the most comprehensive product line in the industry and work with dealers all over the country. While we may have grown a lot in 10 years, some things about us will never change.

We got our start because we listened to dealers’ concerns and worked with them to solve their problems. Dealer Impact remains committed to providing amazing customer service and to being innovative in how we help our clients succeed. For many dealers, that means using our complete iDeal Marketing System. Others pick and choose products and adapt them to their current processes or websites.

We are so proud of what we have created in the last 10 years that we’re giving our products away as an anniversary gift to you. To learn more about our risk-free, 60-day “Drive Before You Buy” promotion, go to http://www.dealerimpact.com. This offer expires on October 31, 2009.

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