1 Billion Served ..And Counting

Don’t think viral videos are worth the investment? You may change your mind after hearing the recent news that YouTube has surpassed 1 billion views a day. That’s 11,574 views per second! These amazing numbers prove what Dealer Impact has long believed—people love videos. Now it’s time for dealerships to fall in love, too.

Done well, video is a low-cost, high-reward marketing tool. For very little time and money, you can create hundreds of videos to distribute on thousands of websites to be viewed by millions of potential customers.

Producing videos is easy using Dealer Impact’s Video Generation System (VGS). The automated system combines photos and audio with CarFax information and pricing to create inventory-specific videos. The clips can be distributed to sites like YouTube and Cars.com, creating mini-websites for your dealership that drive traffic back to you.

Posting a video on YouTube doesn’t mean 1 billion people will find your website. Ignoring the phenomenon, however, guarantees they won’t. To learn more about integrating VGS into your website or blog, visit http://www.dealerimpact.com/vgs.

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