Your Ad Agency (probably) HATES the Internet

As we all know, the Internet has drastically changed the way companies of all makes and models go to market. But what is often overlooked is how the Internet has undermined one of the key players in many marketing circles – the advertising agency. Agencies make money in a variety of ways, but their most profitable dealings usually involve marking up services provided by others. Printing, media placement, postage, fulfillment… they mark it all up by as much as 20%. And that’s why they shy away from digital marketing tactics – printed pages, postage, media costs or other fees they can mark up, digital marketing cuts into their margins. They’d much rather sell you a 50,000 piece direct mail campaign or a 12 month radio buy. They know how to do that stuff and how to make money on it. So regardless of whether digital tactics make sense… don’t expect them to come pitching you some great new web-based idea.D. Jones
Marketing Strategist/Creative Consultant
SmackDabble, LLC

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