The Hidden Costs of Doing It Yourself

Dealerships around the country, from rural farm communities to the big city big boys, handle their websites in a variety of ways. Some outsource it all, others try to “save money” by handling it in-house with a 19 year old computer whiz.

And that sounds great, but let’s looks at what you might be giving up by adopting the latter school of thought…• When you’re building and managing the site on your own, or with a small local shop, you can’t capitalize on all there is to learn from other dealerships using a common system or provider.
• Dealership Digital Marketing specialists know the business inside and out… they’re specialists in selling cars online – not just in building websites.

• By outsourcing, you eliminate the cost of that dedicated staff.

• You’re unable to tap into various data sources that can keep inventory and other information on your site as up to date as possible.
These are only a few of the hidden costs you incur when building and maintaining your web system “the cheap way.” Remember, just like you tell your customers, you get what you pay for.D. Jones
Marketing Strategist/Creative Consultant
SmackDabble, LLC

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