Fail Faster

These troubled economic times are wreaking havoc on a broad spectrum of industries and are certainly having a dramatic effect on consumer spending. Especially on large ticket items like cars. This has caused the fight for the few real prospects that are out there to become even fiercer than usual.

Success in that fight means finding the new and interesting marketing tactics that turn consumer heads and drive real sales. The key to finding those tactics and strategies — fail faster. That’s right… now is the time for failure (as long as you do it quickly).

Failing fast means quickly turning over new ideas… trying lots of new things via pilot programs and test marketing. The more ideas you churn through, and the faster you eliminate the unworkable ideas, the sooner you’ll hit on that truly remarkable idea that drives the few consumers that are out there toward your dealership.

D. Jones
Marketing Strategist/Creative Consultant
SmackDabble, LLC

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