Still Not Gathering Customer Emails? Really?!

So I was working with a client recently and asked, as a part of a marketing strategy session, what percentage of customers in their database they had email addresses for. A sheepish look came over the owner’s face, and he hemmed and hawed a bit before telling me they didn’t have any customers email addresses because, “The software didn’t have a field for it.” It took everything I had to keep from smacking him across the face and asking him how he was enjoying life in 1987.Two things were wrong here… One, they were still using the same contact management system that they’d started using in the early 90s. Second, they thought this was somehow fine and dandy.Email is arguably the most significant communications development since the invention of the telephone. It allows for instant communication at virtually no cost. And this company didn’t think it was an important tool to be using. And my guess is, they’re not alone out there.

If you find yourself among this crowd, it’s time to get with the program. This internet thing is here to stay. It’s not a fad. It can change the way you do business. If you let it.

D. Jones
Marketing Strategist/Creative Consultant
SmackDabble, LLC

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