Marketing On Their Terms

I was reading a collection of articles online this last weekend involving, in one way or another, “The Death of the :30 Spot.” They told of the increasing irrelevance of traditional advertising methods and how today’s consumer — including today’s car buyer — are becoming harder and harder to reach with television, radio, billboards and other “mass” advertising. These media outlets face a crisis because they’re becoming both more expensive AND less effective. Trouble brewing to be sure.

But the question is why? Well my guess, and a reason put forth by others as well, is that in today’s “my way, on my terms” society, consumers aren’t content with those things that aren’t specifically for them. They want it personalized and customized. Like their Whopper®, they want it their way.

So where does that leave the digital marketer? In a good place to be sure.

Traditional marketing methods (newspaper, television, direct mail) are slow and static. Every customer sees the same message in the same way. And launching a new campaign can take weeks or even months. But when you go digital, you can launch dynamic, multimedia campaigns in a matter of minutes. You audience sees a message that is tailored to their needs and their life. And the good news is, it takes little or no added effort on your part to make it happen.

Isn’t technology grand?

D. Jones
Marketing Strategist/Creative Consultant
SmackDabble LLC

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