Introducing Full-Service Digital Marketing and Social Media Programs for your dealership

Dealer Impact Systems is here to let you focus on what you do best, Sell Cars!

Let’s face it, in today’s digital marketing world things are moving so fast it takes a team of people to keep up with everything; writers, bloggers, web developers, marketing personnel, social media experts, reputation management, and someone to manage everything to make sure it gets done on time. All this equates to more employees, more programs, more training, more time, more money and more headaches.

What Should Your Dealership Do? Nothing!!!

Let our Team of Digital Marketing Professionals do the work for you.

1) Retrieve
Your dealership has content in many forms and places. Whether it’s an ad, news, or special generated from your sales or service department, or a marketing agency we retrieve your content.

2) Ready
Once it’s in our hands, we ready your content for the web. Optimizing for maximum benefit.

3) Release
Our content team takes your optimized content and syndicates it across the digital landscape, building your presence and getting you noticed!

4) Radar
Once released, we keep our ear to the ground, monitoring for social media likes, tweets, mentions and reviews. We even help respond!

5) Recruit
Our team creates and conducts proactive campaigns to build traffic, enhance web presence, increase Facebook likes & followers, and requests customer reviews.

6) Report
Your customer success manager will conduct monthly, bi-monthly or weekly reviews of your results, and provide recommendations for content that enhances customer engagement.

Click Here for Details.

If you would like to get going on one of our new programs contact us at 877-334-9638 or email and get in the queue first.

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