Facebook Page Transition

Facebook Pages are in the process of transitioning to the new layout; they are also adding some new features as well.

A quick side note, that all Facebook Pages will be automatically switched over to the new layout on March 10.

We recommend reading this article for the details.

One new feature that might be causing some confusion is highlighted below.

#4: Use Facebook as Your Page or Personal Profile—Shape-Shifting!

This is definitely the most “revolutionary” new feature of the update. Previously, page admins could only comment as page admins on their own pages. Now, page admins can move around Facebook as their page, commenting on other pages’ walls (but not on personal profiles), and liking other pages (previously, this was “favoriting” a page).

Facebook has made toggling between your identity as a page or as a person easy. You can do it from the “Account” link at the top right (Account—Use Facebook as Page) where you can select which page you’d like to use.

Or, if you want to use Facebook as the page you’re currently on, there’s a shortcut in the right column. Click “Use Facebook as [your page name]“; that link then becomes “Use Facebook as [your name]” so you can easily switch back.

When you opt to be a page, those two links in the top right of the page—“Home” and “Profile“—change to reflect this, with “Home” displaying only news from pages you’ve liked and the “Profile” link taking you to your page’s wall. And the 3 notification icons to right of “Facebook” in the top left area change to just 2, “Likes” and “Notifications.”

You are now your page and you inhabit a world not of friends, but of pages!

Keep in mind: This is a double-edged sword. Yes, you can now comment on other pages as your brand, increasing exposure/awareness. However, other (perhaps competing) brands can post on your page. This could open the door to a new flavor of spam.

You’ll need to be more diligent about checking for posts from your competitors displaying their brand to your fans.

Via: SocialMedia Examiner

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