Get Your Mobile Site Today

To help auto dealers tap into the expanding mobile web market, Dealer Impact has created a phone-friendly interface that provides shoppers with on-the-go information.

Dealer Impact can now optimize a dealership’s web site for use on iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or Palm Pre. There are many benefits of these mobile web sites, including:

• They look and function like the apps that smart-phone users are accustomed to. When a person types the dealer’s web address into a mobile browser, the technology automatically recognizes the phone and converts the site to a phone-friendly interface.

• Car buyers do not need to download anything or pay to use the service.

• They are simplified and load quickly, allowing customers to navigate the site to find inventory, specials, and other information in seconds.

• Clickable contact information allows a user to immediately call the dealership or pull up a map with driving directions.

To stay ahead of the competition in the expanding mobile market, add phone-friendly features to your site today. Learn more by contacting Dealer Impact at 877/334-9638.

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