Best Practices in Web Design

With more than 10 years of experience designing web sites specifically for auto dealerships, Dealer Impact knows how to drive online traffic. Unsure whether your site meets our best practices? Here are three basic rules for a well-designed web site:

1. Less is More

Websites are for the user, not the designer. Adding a lot of bells and whistles to a site is meaningless if the user can’t find what he/she wants. Keep your site clean and simple, with the most important information front and center. Customers don’t want to jump around a site to find current inventory or dig through several layers to locate contact information, specials and inventory.

2. Search-Engine Friendly

Clean, uncluttered sites not only appeal to users, they are more likely to be indexed by the major search engines (sites that use Flash design can’t be read well by search-engine spiders). If you want users to find you first, be sure to incorporate common SEO (search engine optimization) elements, including tags, keywords, fresh content, and shortened URLs for optimized inventory links.

3. Support Systems

Attracting customers to your web site takes more than good design. You must be ubiquitous on the Internet, with multiple points of presence. To do this, build a trail of breadcrumbs that leads back to your site using such tools as satellite videos, blogs, Youtube, Facebook, and other social media

Every web site Dealer Impact designs follows these best-practice principles. If you are interested in having us create or improve your dealership’s site, call our sales reps at 877-334-9638.

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