3 Reasons to Go Mobile

Experts predict that by next year the majority of mobile phones in the U.S. will be smart phones. That means that more consumers than ever will have on-demand access to the Internet. Despite this expanding market, most auto dealers don’t yet have mobile web sites. Here are the top three reasons they should:

1. The future is now

The statistics on mobile web use are astounding. One-fifth of Americans already access the mobile web everyday. In less than a decade, half of all web searches will happen from a mobile device. The mobile generation is already here and it includes your customers.

2. A regular site isn’t enough

Traditional web sites are designed for people surfing from the comfort of home using a full-size computer. Mobile users are on-the-go and limited by small screens; they are looking for specific information and they want it quickly. To satisfy these users, dealers need simplified sites designed specifically for the smart phone platform.

3. The competition is already there

Picture this scenario: A consumer is driving around looking for a new car. As he drives by dealers’ lots, he uses his smart phone to search inventories before deciding where to stop. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile web, he’s likely to move on to the next lot. Can you afford to lose out?

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