Video Generation System: New & Improved

Video is an excellent lead source. Placing videos on third-party web sites creates a virtual sales force that drives traffic back to your dealership. 

To simplify the process of making and distributing videos, Dealer Impact offers the Video Generation System (VGS), which automatically produces inventory-specific videos and integrates them into a dealer’s website. VGS uses a flash player to create a mini portable web site for each vehicle, complete with video, audio, photos, features, options, and pricing. 

And now VGS is even better, with the addition of several recent upgrades: 

carfaxCarfax Integration: Participating CarFax dealerships can now add reports using special banners that appear across the top of VGS videos. Users can click the banners to view vehicle-specific information.







Sliding Presentation: VGS can now highlight an array of inventory at once using a rolling filmstrip. Users simply click on any vehicle in the slider to watch a video.








starburstStarburst Callouts: A bold graphic can be added to the corner of any video to highlight specific features about the vehicle or to advertise a special promotion.








As always, VGS presentations can be quickly added to any website and can be easily exported to blogs, forums, YouTube, or nearly any third-party site that accepts video. 

If you’re ready to test drive VGS and its new features, visit or call a sales rep at 877-334-9638.

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