Do You Sayso?

A new mobile marketing service provides some interesting opportunities for dealerships to begin experimenting with mobile advertising.

Sayso, the “mobile marketing marketplace” allows dealerships and other advertisers to rent targeted lists of mobile phone owners and deliver marketing messages direct to their pocket. Sayso advertisers set the price they’re willing to pay to deliver each message, controlling the price of each campaign to fit any budget. Advertisers can begin using Sayso for as little as a few hundred dollars. One of Sayso’s founders is Drew Jones, a friend and marketing partner of Dealer Impact.

By using Sayso, dealerships can tap the power of mobile marketing without an investment in building, managing or maintaining their own database. And because Sayso profiles all their subscribers, dealerships can target just the audience segment that matters to them. Want to promote a new mini-van? Sayso can target families. A new sports car? Sayso can help you reach out to middle-aged men. Used cars? Send your message to students.

Learn more about advertising with Sayso here >>

Subscribe to Sayso here using the invite code IMPACT >>

Read up on Sayso at their blog >>

D. Jones
Marketing Strategist/Creative Consultant
SmackDabble, LLC

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