HomeNet Powers Dealer Impact’s Proactive and Plug-In Technologies

Press Release

WEST CHESTER, PA – March 17, 2008 – Automotive technology provider HomeNet, Inc. announced today that its system plays a powerful role in Dealer Impact’s newly released Proactive marketing tools, as well as its Plug-In Technology.

“We rely on partners like HomeNet to power the back-end technologies that allow our front-end strategies and tactics to reap huge rewards for our dealerships,” commented Brian Cox, Dealer Impact CEO.

Dealer Impact’s new Plug-In Technologies use HomeNet’s Inventory Online (IOL) marketing suite to edit and deliver inventory information. “This data makes it possible for us to deliver timely, relevant marketing messages to our dealerships’ customers,” says Cox. “And because HomeNet has such a well engineered product, we have been able to build tools and technologies that will plug and play with any dealership’s web system.”

Dealer Impact’s Plug-In Technology tools are modules specifically designed to work with whatever web system a dealership may be using. These powerful, easy-to-integrate tools can “plug in” to a dealership’s existing site to add a variety of functionality. Dealer Impact’s Autopilot e-Marketing, Video Generation System, Virtual Notification System and Rank King Search Engine Marketing & Optimization are among the “plug and play” tools that Dealer Impact is now offering.

HomeNet’s Inventory Online (IOL) is a vehicle inventory management and marketing system, designed to help automotive dealers sell more cars online. IOL’s suite of web-based software applications streamline the process of converting raw vehicle data from the DMS (dealer management system) into consumer-friendly virtual advertisements anywhere on the Web. Complete with DMS polling, Premium VIN Enhancement, an intuitive online interface, automated distribution to 3rd-party services, and much more, IOL is the most comprehensive solution serving the automotive industry.

Dealer Impact Systems assists automotive dealerships nationwide to attract, close and retain more customers through a variety of innovative digital marketing technologies and strategies. These tools and strategies are combined in Dealer Impact’s iDeal Digital Marketing System, a comprehensive suite of digital marketing tools.

HomeNet, Inc. is a privately owned automotive technology provider. Founded in 1996, HomeNet’s core focus is providing innovative technology solutions to help automotive dealers increase online sales. HomeNet offers its products to a variety of customers including dealers, OEMs, website providers, CRM providers, digital lot management firms, finance/leasing agents, auction agents, and more. The company is based on Christian principles and is headquartered in West Chester, PA, with satellite offices in FL, GA, IA, TN, TX, and UT. For more information, please visit http://www.HomeNetinc.com.

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