Technology: The Great Automator

Throughout recorded history, new technologies have been developed that eliminate the worries, hassles and time-consuming chores of daily life. Dishwashers, electric irons, lawnmowers… right on through to the microwave and the Roomba®.  Arguably the best and most life-altering of these technologies were the ones that automated daily chores, freeing us up to spend our time on activities that were more relaxing, enjoyable or – in the case of business technologies – profitable.

Ever since the inception of the automobile dealership, owners have sought to drive business through innovative marketing strategies and tactics. And as new technologies have developed, they’ve changed the way dealerships reach out to customers and prospects. First radio, then television, then the development of sophisticated database-driven direct marketing… all have changed the way you market. And then in the late 90s, the Internet began to show promise. Slowly it changed the way that dealerships conducted advertising and marketing, but for many dealerships, the internet remains more of a hassle than anything. It’s just one more thing you have to do. One more master you have to stop and serve every day, week and month.

But now those daily hassles and maintenance items can be eliminated through a variety of tools that automate much of your digital marketing – freeing you and your sales staff to concentrate on selling to qualified leads rather than chasing bad ones. These tools follow simple rules that you set up one time and once you flip the switch, you can forget about it. The system proactively markets to your customers when it’s most appropriate to do so. Customers are automatically reminded when it’s time to come in for service or when that new model they’ve been waiting for is in stock. These technologies drive the lead to you and your team… all you have to do is do what you do best – close them.

This trend follows that of most any other emerging technology as it matures. First it shows promise, but not much in the way of results. Then the results begin to come for those willing to deal with the short-comings and work-arounds inherent in dealing with new technology. Then, finally, it all comes together and the promise that was there in the beginning is realized en masse. That is the stage where it all comes together and things not only become possible but easy and even automatic… That’s where the internet is now for America’s dealerships.

Has your dealership arrived at the Promised Land? If not, ask yourself why.

D. Jones
Marketing Strategist/Creative Consultant
SmackDabble, LLC

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