E-Mail Takes the Lead in the Digital Marketing Arena

Appeared in: Digital Dealer
Thursday, September 27, 2007
Issue 39

According to The McKinsey Quarterly, the business journal of the global management-consulting firm McKinsey & Company, chief marketers worldwide use e-mail in their campaigns. In a survey of 311 marketing gurus, McKinsey found that 83 percent utilized e-mail above and beyond the application of display ads, paid search and online video.

When asked about the future of online marketing, respondents thought by 2010 the Web would be an integral part of the first two stages of the buyer decision-marking process: product awareness and information gathering. With this in mind, over one-half of respondents said they planned to increase their e-mail spending in the next three years; however, plans to increase spending could also mean that e-mail would lose some budget to paid search and other tactics.

U.S. Overview
Closer to home on U.S. shores, more than seven in 10 U.S. marketers said that e-mail was one of their online and mobile tactics, according to a Penton Media Custom Research study commissioned by PROMO Magazine.

Top-Line Results:
72.6 percent of U.S. marketers employed e-mail marketing as an integral part of their online/marketing tactics
60.8 percent of U.S. marketers utilized e-mail newsletters as an integral part of their online marketing/tactics

Over half of all U.S. marketing gurus responding to this survey incorporate and trust e-mail marketing as an effective and declarative digital tool for generating sales.

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